Massage Reset Carlsbad Cupping

I like to call cupping "the treatment that really sucks!" It is an effective therapy to treat a variety of issues, from muscle and fascia tension to respiratory ailments including colds and flu.

Cupping involves the use of silicone cups placed on the body. This creates a suction that is used to treat ailments bringing toxins to the surface of the skin and freeing up tissues to promote healing.

An ancient form of complementary medicine historically used with many cultural health traditions around the world. Today, it is associated in what is known today as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Issues treated by cupping may include:

  • Athletic injury, such as tennis elbow, shin splints, acute/chronic injury
  • Physical muscle tension due to emotional trauma or distress
  • Upper respiratory congestion and coughs
  • Improve and regulate circulation, oxygenation and detoxification of blood and lymph

WARNING: Side effects of Cupping may cause increased energy, better sleep, decreased pain and fewer symptoms and feelings of stress.