Here at massage reset we offer a mix of therapeutic integration. We believe that not everyone is the same and not a single technique used for one hour will make the difference people come in looking for. Below you see various services that are offered at your typical massage boutiques. 

Here at massage reset we use those various techniques along with a neural reset therapy (N.R.T.) using the same form of message transport to the brain to RESET those hurting muscles and nerves that the brain has sent to them in the first place letting you know that you are hurt.

When you book an appointment, we listen to your body and that determines the therapeutic integration that will be used. Our goal here is for you to get your massage reset in motion for your body’s optimal potential. 

Neural Reset Therapy

Massage Neural Reset Therapy

Reflex hammer used to reset the muscles.

Improving health one reset at a time

Here at Massage Reset we offer Neural Reset Therapy a fun and easy approach to getting rid of muscular pain and tightness.

That’s right. No more enduring torturing or discomforting massages. We make sure to have the most advanced techniques at Massage Reset including Neural Reset Therapy.

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